Bus Errin’ On the Side of Caution

Insolvency abuse kills Bus Éireann are making cuts and turning their backs on their routes. One such route to suffer these savage cutbacks is the Expressway, the route where you get to express how you feel (it’s like an a… Continue Reading →

Don’t Just Do It, Keep At It

They say he who has begun is half done, and sure half done is nearly finished. What use is ‘just do it’ when  starting is the hardest part? Saying ‘just do it’ to someone is a bit ignorant. How about… Continue Reading →

Chuckie Ár Lá

Chuckie’s Day Out Chuckie ár Lá is a spin off from the very popular series ‘Rugrats’. The show focuses on Chuckie Finster, the scaredy-cat of the original Rugrats group, who has now become an IRA Freedom Fighter. The series is… Continue Reading →

Wayne’s World Wide Weather Weport

The World of Waining Wooney Is a World That Awaits You Waining Wooney from Liverpuddle plays in puddles professionally for both England and Mans-chest-hair United; a team that is in fact united with a man that ironically enough has a… Continue Reading →

Jay the Legendary Xenaphobe

In a time of old school rappers, bitches, and pimps, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. He/she was Jay Xena: a former man tranny transformed in the appropriate temperature of a doctor’s surgery. The power, the post-op,… Continue Reading →

Religon Isn’t a Science but a Comedy of Errors

Papal in the Middle Has a Little Fiddle and a Flick of the Wrist with a Scientolotwist The RC Church is having a Russell rebrand with a Scientolotwist. It’s a new Francis franchise with Pope Francis! With his plucky Vati-can… Continue Reading →

Vagina on a Budget-Ticks All the Right Boxes (NSFW)

Vagina On A Budget-Just the Tip Febreezed up Thursdays, fanny on a Monday, we have fanny bonanza specials on a Monday! Fanny on tick, cock on strop. Ya know what I mean? Your auntie’s flanty, shrivelled up fanny, flantyin’ round… Continue Reading →

John Candy Takes Uppers and Goes Buck Wild at Bill Gates’ House!!!

Buck up, Buckle Down Cop yourself on man, you know? Man, ya need ta get Microsoft word man, sort this shit out, process your words man, fuck that man. Get a thesaurus man, spell check your shit man, Microsoft Word… Continue Reading →

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