Chuckie’s Day Out

Chuckie ár Lá is a spin off from the very popular series ‘Rugrats’. The show focuses on Chuckie Finster, the scaredy-cat of the original Rugrats group, who has now become an IRA Freedom Fighter.

The series is set in Northern Ireland in the early 70’s and follows Tiocfadh ár Lá Finster’s day-to-day life, which includes activities such as fighting for a United Ireland and building Bobby Sandcastles in the Bobby Sandbox.

Sinister Finster’s crusade takes a dark turn when he gets put on a time out in the Long Crèche internment camp. He becomes known as a blanky boy after staging a dirty protest with his diaper.

If you’re interested in being bottle fed Irish history through the unique perspective of a two years old Provo’s imagination, tune into Chuckie ár Lá on Youtube.

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