Watch The Adams Family Provo Promo

We’re Gerry Adamant about Family values this Bloody Wednesday Adams the 12th of July, so we’re releasing the provo-promo of Gerry’s new play. It’s a comedy-tragedy-horror written directed and starring the man himself. Gerry Adams plays each of the roles… Continue Reading →

The Adventures of Chuckie Ár Lá Episode 2

The British empire has Chuckie feeling a bit down in the dumps. What he needs is a provisional licence to drive the Brits out of Ireland. But he knows well that a problem shared is a problem halved, and that… Continue Reading →

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Thurles T-Shirt

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Watch The Adventures of Chuckie Ár Lá

Join Chuckie, the two year old Provo, on his quest to forge a United Ireland! In this episode, Chuckie hopes to rope his Blankie boys in to getting the Brits out. Please note that the voice of Chuckie Ár Lá… Continue Reading →

It’s Always Sunny in Springfield – ‘Unky Frank’

In the second season of ‘The Simpsons’, Danny DeVito plays an estranged rich family member that turns everyone’s lives upside down. In the second season of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, Danny DeVito plays an estranged rich family member that… Continue Reading →

Jay the Legendary Xenaphobe

In a time of old school rappers, bitches, and pimps, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. He/she was Jay Xena: a former man tranny transformed in the appropriate temperature of a doctor’s surgery. The power, the post-op,… Continue Reading →

The Ass Halt T-Shirt

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Religon Isn’t a Science but a Comedy of Errors

Papal in the Middle Has a Little Fiddle and a Flick of the Wrist with a Scientolotwist The RC Church is having a Russell rebrand with a Scientolotwist. It’s a new Francis franchise with Pope Francis! With his plucky Vati-can… Continue Reading →

John Candy Takes Uppers and Goes Buck Wild at Bill Gates’ House!!!

Buck up, Buckle Down Cop yourself on man, you know? Man, ya need ta get Microsoft word man, sort this shit out, process your words man, fuck that man. Get a thesaurus man, spell check your shit man, Microsoft Word… Continue Reading →

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