In the Gateaux…and His Mama Cries

Gotta get a Gateaux Cake in the ghetto. Sure we all know Elvis died eating Gateaux Cake on the toilet while caked in his own shit. The King dies on the throne.

Sure every monarchy in the world are secretly stashing cakes-whether it’s Elvis, the King, Prince, or Queen. Fucking the whole music thing is just a distraction to take away from the rich taxing cakes.

What about Marie Antoinette being misquoted saying “let them ate Gateaux Cake for feck sake” when there was a shortage of biscuits? She tried to tax the Jaffa Cake as a biscuit and they proved that in actual fact the Jaffa Cake is a cake and is classed as such.

Baby cakes you just don’t know, 2pacs of gateaux gospel, two packs for sure. No discount on Viscount but gateaux fo’ sho’! Sure why do ya think Biggie Smalls was so big?