Do you need to pay more heed instead of your needless heedlessness? Do you need stop copping off and start copping on? Should you be Bus Éireann on the side of caution? Then you need the Take Care Bear.

Introducing Panda, head of the WWF. He wants to spread the love dude and save man kind with an enviro-mental paci-fist.

His safety meticulousness is ridiculous and he couldn’t care less about being careless. So let him give you social guidance with his social guy dance.

He has the moves that makes you wanna move with his movement, and if you don’t wanna you’d better get on your Chi-na na na na na na na na knees and pray to Yen Chineses the Chinese Jesus.

China wants to put down the youth in Asia, which gives them low self esteem. Sure just ask your wan, you know your wan the young Taiwan wan who likes eating prawn wontons. Panda’s pro-teen and keeps the peace green by eating his greens with his P.E.T.A bread.

Everything’s not black and white. It doesn’t matter if you’re a black panda with white patches or a white panda with black patches; don’t keep your ethnics clean, keep your environment clean. It’s not emissions impossible.

As a ruler he measures his safety measures with his safety measuring tape cause he likes to calculate and conservate. If you have lost your bearings don’t be a Bambozo, trust in the bear that cares. The bi-polar bear is too unstable, the grizzly bear will show up goldilocked but the panda bear is just right for the job.