Buck up, Buckle Down

Cop yourself on man, you know? Man, ya need ta get Microsoft word man, sort this shit out, process your words man, fuck that man. Get a thesaurus man, spell check your shit man, Microsoft Word man, get your future up man, get a fucking binder man you know? Spread sheets man, you know, upload ’em man, filofax man, get your fuckin’ printer man, get your USB stick man. You’re sound man. Upload CV’s to the fuckin’ world man, you know? We’re interconnected with the web like that spider web from that fuckin’ spider getting that fly man. You need to buckle up man. You need to cop the fuck on man. Cop on man. Microsoft Word man.

“The buck that bought the bottle could have won the lotto”

                                                                                                            Unknown, a wall