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Don’t Just Do It, Keep At It

They say he who has begun is half done, and sure half done is nearly finished. What use is ‘just do it’ when  starting is the hardest part? Saying ‘just do it’ to someone is a bit ignorant. How about… Continue Reading →

Ghost of Christmas Tree Past Stalks Irish Public

Delicate Essence I looked under the tree, and what did I see? An unreal deal staring back at me. The presence of presents, the learning of lessons, And having a wank in the delicatessen.

The Keep At It T-Shirt

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Clit Bang

I’ve Got a Sinking Feeling Barry Scott Wants to Clean Your Shit Pipe Barry Scott, the father figure of cleaning. Father in the priestly sense. He spent a lot of time in the in-seminary and the e-rectory. Cleansing our souls… Continue Reading →

Love Me 2 Times for the Price of 1, Stuns Doors

Ben There, Dunne That Dones Tours is a national institution and this year it turns 71. Sure you can’t blame an OAP for being racist-they’re from a different time, they’re stuck in their ways, sure they still refuse to sell… Continue Reading →

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